Q:  Explain the main differences between a RAW & JPEG file

A: One difference of many between RAW and JPEG is that RAW files are more high-quality. RAW files capture and store all the details that pass through the cameras sensors.

Q:Which file is bigger RAW or JPEG?

A:  RAW filles are bigger than JPEG because they contain the pure image info captured, it holds all the original data so you have full control over the image.

Q: Can you change a RAW file to a JPEG, once your photos are the computer? How?

A: Yes you can. When a RAW file is converted into a JPEG is undergoes a compression process that makes the file smaller which means some data will be lost. You need to be cautious about doing  this because after the compression the image may appear grainy or pixelated.

Q: If you were shooting an important event would you shoot it RAW or JPEG? Explain.

A: I would shoot it in a RAW file so I can have full control over the image and they can be the best quality they can. Since the event is important I want the pictures to be high quality.

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode:

In automatic mode the camera chooses the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus, and flash. This mode is good for taking some quick pictures but keep in mind the photos might not come out exactly how you want them to.

Portrait Mode:

In portrait mode the camera will automatically choose a large aperture which will keep the background out  of focus. This is good to use when your trying to get a single subject.

Macro Mode:

Macro mode is used when your trying to take a close up photo of your subject. this is great when your trying to take a photo of a flower or small animal.

Landscape Mode:

In this mode the camera has a smaller aperture to better capture the background and does almost the exact opposite of portrait mode.

Sports Mode:

This camera mode is ideal for taking pictures of moving objects. The shutter speed is increased witch helps freeze movement into a clear picture.

Night Mode:

Night mode is made for shooting in low light situations which gives your camera a slower shutter speed. If you want to take a nice clear image you need to use a tripod, although a little blur can give it a fun look.

Aperture Priority:

In this mode you are free to choose the aperture and the camera automatically gets the rest of the information you need. This setting is most useful when your trying to get a good depth of field shot.

Shutter Priority:

This mode is very similar to aperture priority only in this mode you control the shutter speed and the camera figures everything else out. If you wanna take a quick picture of a moving subject this mode is perfect.

Program Mode:

This mode is almost if not is exactly like Auto mode. In cameras that have both modes, Program mode give you a bit more control in areas like flash, white balance, ISO, and many more.

Manual Mode:

This mode give you full control over the entire camera and all the settings on it. It give you the freedom to set up each shot as you wish. One must keep in mind that you need to have an idea of what your doing in this mode.


Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman has a very abstract art style. She’s able to tell a story that can be viewed in many different ways. In this photo from what I see she’s mocking the practices of cosmetic surgeries. She’s overly enlarged areas of her face to the point where it looks very fake and unnatural. Cindy Sherman is an amazing photographer that is amazing in her field.

Conceptual Self-Portrait


Conceptual Definition: The word conceptual means an abstract idea of mental concepts. It really means a theoretical or imaginary depiction that help view new insights.

For my conceptual photo I set down some CDs from my collection and placed my CD player in middle. Music is a big part of who I am. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t listen to music. In a conversation I’ll always ask what your favorite song is. Music is very therapeutic for me and helps me focus with a more blank mind on tasks. Music is something I’ll always use in my everyday life and i hope this picture shows that.










1/640 SEC  f/5.6  ISO 3200  13.00mm

25 words that describe me

  1. Thoughtful
  2. Creative
  3. Friendly
  4. Considerate
  5. Funny
  6. Likable
  7. Smart
  8. Empathic
  9. Reliable
  10.  Sincere
  11. Kind
  12. Calm
  13. Talkative
  14. Enthusiastic
  15. Confidant
  16. Humorous
  17.  Generous
  18. Thoughtful
  19. Clever
  20. Delightful
  21. Capable
  22. Brilliant
  23. Odd
  24. Mighty
  25. Great






Influential Images

Photographer: Pete Souza This photo shows our state leader in 2011 all looking in one direction in desperation waiting for the next moment. They are watching the unfolding of the U.S. raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. Bin Laden was later killed in that raid. I chose this photo because by just looking at it you cant really tell what’s happening, this is one of those photos that you need context for.
Photographer: Carleton Watkins This photo captures the beauty of Yosemite and its nature.
Photographer: Edward Steichen This photo was really interesting because its both a photo and a painting. The picture of the woods was taken but then hand painted black and white with these cool blue tones. This really sets this photo apart from the others because it isn’t really something you seen in many mainstream photos now. This was a really big way to differentiate they’re work from other snapshots.